Mobile Apps


Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is an app for shooting video with on iPhone. It offers great resolution, focus, shutter and white balance options. It only allows you to film horizontally and can cause problems in editing but it is a useful app.




iMovie is an editing app for iPhone that allows you to edit footage on your mobile phone. This app does an efficient job but I think there are better editing apps available.



Stop  Motion

Stop Motion is a stop motion video making app for iPhone. You can choose to take pictures individually and then the app edits them together or you can film and set a timer for when the frame will be taken. It also has a grid feature so that you can make sure your images are in the right place. This is a very nice app for making stop motion films.



iMotion HD

iMotion is a stop motion video making app for iPhone. Like stop motion you can choose to take the pictures manually or use the time lapse setting which will take the next frame after a certain amount of seconds. The stand out thing for this app though is the remote feature which if you download “iMotion Remote” for another iOS device you can place the camera in a position and then enable it with the other device. Overall this is probably the better of the two stop motion apps i have come across.




Minitures is a time lapse and tilt shift app for the iPhone. A combination of the two, means it’s a very user friendly app as your full attention is concentrated on collecting footage rather than faffing around with camera accessories. With it’s amazing in-app video effect’s, it produces a time lapes that is both effective and beautiful.



Baenpark Stop-motion

Baenpark Stop Motion is a stop motion video making app for iPhone. With only 4 buttons it’s a very user friendly app, one to start recording, one to flip the screen, one to take the shots of which you want to be pieced together to create the motion and one to link you to the app store. All in all this is a fantastic app, definatly worth a look and it’s free!!


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